Pacific Coast Energy and Minerals (PCM) is firmly positioned to become one of the world’s largest producers of Iron Ore, Copper, Gold, Silver and Molybdenum and sea-borne sellers of iron ore out of the West Coast of Mexico. The company controls the minerals, production, shipping and the delivery of several million tons of minerals per year.

Reserves and Resources


With about 1.3 billion of resources and over 1.3 million hectares of holdings, Pacific Coast Energy and Minerals is well-positioned to take advantage of the current and future "Platinum Age" for iron ore. 
PCM is currently selling 10mm - 78mm (1/2"-3") iron ore lumps FOB Vessel or CFR to any one safe world port from 
their private patio at the ports of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas.  Mexico does not require billions of dollars to process high quality iron ore lumps.  There is no need to build billion dollar slurry pipelines.  PCM's farthest mine holding is only 180 kilometers away from the port.  All parties involved in PCM transactions participate monetarily as the Mexican iron ore market expands. Permits are in place for exporting and we are flexible with various end users and customers on the payment terms and conditions that will help them and us move forward as we expand.  Over 200,000 metric tons of iron ore is loading for Southeast Asia out of the Port of Manzanillo now.  
Steven C. Reynolds is the President/CEO and founder of Pacific Coast Energy and Minerals providing seasoned executive leadership to operations, logistics, sales and marketing efforts for PCM’s international projects. Mr. Reynolds has had an extensive career in the minerals and logistics industry for over 30 years.  Mr. Reynolds is also the owner of an international shipping company.  The unique logistics company acts as worldwide cargo brokers and vessel operators, providing customers with the best solutions for ocean, air and inland transportation needs. Mr. Reynolds has established relationships with a multitude of first tier carriers and owners across the globe that are eager to develop new business opportunities in these trying economic times.  His network of carriers offer discounted rates based on the overall volume of PCM's worldwide client base.   

Michael Pauletto is the Chief Engineer and Geologist for Pacific Coast Energy and Minerals. Mr. Pauletto has over 40 years experience designing, estimating and building projects in North America. The projects have ranged from the ocean to very mountainous terrain, year round in all kids of weather.  Mr. Pauletto's expertise is managing projects that require excavation, drilling, shooting, crushing and processing, logging, drainage and erosion control, jetty stone mining and placement, landfill construction, closure and permitting, roller compacted concrete dams and embankments, operation of commercial aggregate and concrete facilities, pile driving and dock framing. The projects he has managed range in size from small to several hundred million dollars including the Olivenhain RCC Dam that required drilling and blasting 20 million cubic yards and crushing & processing projects that exceeded volumes of 20 million tons. He earned his two Bachelor degrees in general engineering and geology from Oregon State University.

Nathan Myers leads equipment procurement and facility design for Pacific Coast Energy and Minerals. Nathan has worked in the Aggregate & Mining industry for over twenty-five. Working primarily in the Aggregate field in the American Southwest, 

Nathan has also extensively traveled and worked in Mexico, Central and South America. Clients include Rinker Materials, Kiewit, Vulcan, Aggregate Industries, Martin Marietta, CEMEX, Holcim, Old Castle, Clyde Companies, Gold Canyon Mining, The COEUR Group, Quadra Mining Group, Ashgrove Cement, Drake Cement, the Delta Group and others. Nathan has experience in plant design, layout & set-up and plant simulations. His prior duties have included procurement, plant design/engineering, consulting, equipment valuations, job bidding, sales, training, and service.  

Mr. Nathan Myers is also the President of Aggregate Mining Process, LLC   ( which sells AGGREGATE, MINING & PROCESS MILL equipment all over the world.  Contact him at:

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