Pacific Coast  Barite

Barite – otherwise known as barium sulphate – lies in seams in Barium deposits, from which miners must remove it before Barite milling can take place. Barite SuppliersThe objective is to reduce the material to a gravel or fine powder. Different Barite milling machines achieve appropriate reduction factors.

These varying products of Barite mills are useful in different manufacturing applications, such as paper making and asbestos. However, the main objective of Barite milling is to produce a fine white powder used to lubricate drills in gas and oil exploration.

Barium Sulphate Processing

Barite as extracted from Barium is a hard, colorless and transparent material. The first stages of Barite milling take place in jaw crushers to reduce it to manageable chunks. After that, it passes through impact and finally cone crushers. The latter break it into pieces approximately 30 mm in diameter.

From there, the stones travel on conveyor belts to where further processing takes place in the mills themselves. Barite milling equipment is adjustable to produce anything from gravel to an exceptionally fine powder. The latter becomes a major constituent of heavy-duty rock drilling mud, which acts as lubricant between the drill bit and the geological setting.

Core Uses of Barite

As mentioned, Barite milling products are invaluable in oil and gas exploration, where drill bits force their way far beneath the surface, and everything is controlled remotely. Barite milling operations make an essential contribution in this regard. When Barium Sulphate combines with a water base, it produces a mud-like ingredient that:

  • Prevents the drill hole fracturing
  • Lubricates and cools the drill bit
  • Blocks the ingress of other liquids
  • Facilitates removal of the drill bit

In this way, Barite is a contributor to its own success, in that it can facilitate drilling core samples in the Barium from which it comes. However, the most significant contribution Barite makes to our society, is its role in tracing and extracting raw materials for petroleum products.

Locations of Barite Milling Plants

The parent material Barium appears in quantities in the Americas, East Europe, Africa and Asia. Barite Milling takes place on site, where this is expedient and cost effective. Techniques and mills are constantly evolving as technology advances. The Barite milling machines at Pacific Coast Minerals Mexico site are state of art. We welcome enquiries regarding our products and our Barite milling methods.

As long as there is a need for Oil there will always be a need for Barite and Frac Sand for the drilling projects. As premier excavaters of Barite, we have invested in two Mines in the Mexican Market.  We offer our products FOB Tucson or can arrange further delivery.


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